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Kühlzellenbefeuchtung mini

frigonorm ag Befeuchtung  mini.jpg

This humidifier has the same principals of operation as 

As the bigger model and has a capacity of 1.0 L/hour. 

The machine is equipped with a very small water basin of only 0.055L, about the size of a glass of water, which can be emptied when the machine is off. The amount of water remaining in the humidifier is minimised and consequently decreases the possibility of mould and harmful bacteria. It can work with normal water or demineralised water. This equipment is commonly used in greenhouses or small cold cells for conservation of fruit and vegetables. It comes standard with all necessary brackets to mount on the wall or to hang from the ceiling 

frigonorm ag Befeuchtung  mivi.jpg

water supply tank of minimal dimensions (55cm3) 

water drain at the end of humidification cycle for maximum hygiene

preset for humidistat fitting 

works with power supply 230V , 50Hz ,1050 g/h at 60Hz

Atomization capacity: 850g/h at 50Hz ,1050g/h at 60Hz

minimal dimensions :  the mini joins high efficiency with the capability of fitting in easily in cramped spaces 

Low opreatiooperational costs (with only 400W of absorbed power)

easy installation and maintenance :ever component is easily accessible

Buit with easily recyclable materials/environmentally friendly 


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