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Kühlzellen Befeuchtung 

This adiabatic humidifier is ideal for those seeking  modern and efficient equipment with lower maintenance costs. The asvanced control system allows you to adjust the capacity from 1.5 L/hour up to 6.5L/hour. The machine is equipped with a very small water basin of only 0.055L, about the size of glass, which is emptied automatically when the machine stops; this way the amount of water remaining in the humidifier is minimised thus minimising the possibility of mould formation and harmful bacteria 

This humidifier is an adiabatic humidifier that can be completed with the heating resistance that allows it to work down to -2 degrees C. A typical application of this device is the cell storage of fruits and vegetables. The machine comes standard with all the brackets for installation. The machine can either be hung from the ceiling or Mounted on the wall 

frigonorm ag Befeuchtung .jpg

operation with running water and no stagnant water deposits, resulting in maximum hygiene.

large atomisation capacity:6.5 kg/hr

its capacity can easily be regulated between 13% to 100% of capacity 

operational with tap water.(drinkable water from the municipal network

anti freeze heater 

great flexibly and therefore can be adopted to most applications 

simple and sturdy construction 

installation accessories such as wall mounting, hanging brackets, connection pipes, nuts and bolts, etc are supplied standard 

easy installation and maintenance 

low power absorption:olny 220 W (290W with heater)

built with easily recyclable materials 

low operation costs and environmentally conscious

it is most often. used in: cold storage warehouses for fruit and vegetables,

printing houses, textiles industries, germination cell, hot houses, seasoning cells , etc.

the following accessories are available and are supplied on request:

control panel set up to operate with an electric humidistat. Assembled in a waterproof box, two units can be controlled  with one humidistat. On and Off switch. humidistat not included 

control panel in a waterproof box complete with an electronic humidistat, with digital display the R.H. value.  it operates with any humidity probe on the market. two units can be controlled simultaneously. probe not included 

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