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we offer 10 modular models

A range of customizable modular elements to realize and optimize your Bar. Elements equipped for the preservation, preparation and distribution of foods and drinks inside Bar.

The line is composed of a refrigerated and neutral zone completed with compartments, drawers, coffee hoppers, tops and rear splash backs, giving to it the maximum ergonomics.

The technology and sophistication of the steel combined with the possibility of using coats and finishes, as much as lights and color, add value to the furniture in any situation and designer request.

The built-in refrigerated element

The Structure has a technical compartment including compressor and possibility of predisposition for remote group. Refrigerated bottle tray placed in the technical compartment.

Refrigeration through a serpentine placed in the back of the element. Simple stainless-steel doors or glass doors and three different types of drawers in the way to create many combinations.

The technical compartment can be equipped with a neutral drawer for wine in the case of predisposition for remote. There is the possibility to equip the refrigerated cabinet with customized worktops.

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